Laser Hair Removal


Whether it’s those two pesky hairs on your chin that seem to sprout just as you leave for work or that unruly bikini line that plagues you during beach season, we can help.


At LASERWERKS Medical Spa we use two forms of laser technology to provide permanent hair reduction safely and effectively. The Prowave Hair Removal System is designed for quick treatment of larger areas – like women’s legs and men’s backs; the Cutera Coolglide works on smaller areas such as lips, chin and the bikini area. Both can be used on all skin types, light to dark, even tanned skin.

So, put down the razor. Step away from the sink. Now, imagine never shaving again.  Call 847-864-6123 for free consultation today.

READ THE FAQS about Laser Hair Removal Services.

bikini hair removal

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bikini hair removal

underarm laser hair removal

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